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    • Dear Cobras, Rather quietly earlier this week, the guild went through probably its biggest change since its very inception. @Bone and @Mold, who first formed NPC some 3 years ago, have decided to step down as guild leaders and pass the torch. Don't worry. They have assured me they are not quitting the game. They'll still check in with us from time to time. But, as they've slowly reduced their playing time, it was important for them to entrust the guild to someone else. And, that someone turned out to be me. I already had the chance to do so personally, but I hope all of you join me in sincerely thanking both Bone and Mold. It's easy to take for granted the time and energy that's spent behind the scenes.  They have each invested so much into making this guild what it is today. It's something I treasure dearly. So, my bags are extra heavy these days, carrying a little extra responsibility and quite a bit of feels. But, I'm energized by all you. The true heart and soul of this guild. The progress you make in raids (shoutout to @Maia!). The playful banter (and killer puns!) in chat and TeamSpeak. The generosity of your hard earned resources for each other. The volunteer spirit to fill out a late night fractal or help with an achievement. The shared pride in completing a long term project and pinning it for all to see. I'm sure there are concerns with any leadership change. But, really, I hope there is as little change as possible. I see myself more as a caretaker than anything else. NPC will always be your guild as much as it is mine. So, it's important to me that every voice is heard. Nothing will ever be off the table. I'd like to also take this moment to introduce @Fred T W as our new second-in-command. Congrats, and thank you for taking on that role, buddy.  With that, the floor is yours! We can use this space for anything you like. From parting wishes to airing of grievances. And, if you feel like approaching me directly, my door is always open. I even cleaned out a few extra in-game mail slots! I welcome your thoughts through any format: the website, in game, or directly by email: spltscreen@gmail.com. Thanks for your attention. -- Ser
    • I ran with a group today and the Druid was giving literally no might and no fury. I mean actually none. Like might output 1.38 (median is 78.56 on gw2 Raidar) and 0.00% fury. How is that even possible? You can pretty much afk on Druid and put out more might and fury than that. 
    • Shows your love for necros and their cool DPS. I pug em so I really don't have any predefined time for it. I do em when I'm free. I was thinking on putting up on LFG a party announcement to find 1st timers but experienced ppl in raids and fractals, asking for leg armor, LI and such to avoid that any scrub will join, but I know it will eventually happen But idk if I want to deal with ppl and fry my brain to em. I mean, I've been reading guides and watching videos, it doesn't feel that hard if done right, now I have to make ppl do the same research.
    • Oh gods I forgot I posted this, that video is so embarassing -.-