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  1. Copperhead Squad Raid


    Temerity just doesn't wanna raid with us any more
  2. Full set of Wing 5 silver statues in the guild hall!

    Are we really? @Maia yell at me in game sometime to finish that up for you then, I have the tokens in my bank.
  3. Copperhead Squad Raid


    I can confirm that at least the fractal part of that bug has been fixed, I would assume the raid one is as well since its basically the same debuff for both.
  4. Copperhead Squad Raid


    I had to change my RSVP to maybe, apparently both of my accounts are in that small minority that are struck with log in problems at the moment. I will keep trying and let you know when I know more Edit: Everything seems to be in order now, here's to hoping it stays that way
  5. Copperhead Squad Raid


    Does this mean you want to try CM's? Because there's no River CM so I'm kind of confused
  6. Copperhead Squad Raid


    Ok Maggots Listen Up. Post a comment here for what you want to do Wednesday, I'm leaning towards clearing other wings instead of Dhuum attempts since Maia is a major role and replacing her will be a lot of shuffling and probably not actually conducive to progressing on the fight. If you don't see this and don't get a vote its your own problem so I hope everyone does.
  7. Copperhead Squad Raid


    We do not have the dps for that
  8. Copperhead Squad Raid


  9. Copperhead Squad Raid


    @Maia You really ought to start yelling at me to get you Dhuum instances, I keep forgetting
  10. Copperhead Squad Raid


    Go figure its the chrono player excited about forced swapping
  11. Shattered Observatory CM

    Oh gods I forgot I posted this, that video is so embarassing -.-
  12. The truth about the Pyropuffin

    Freedom is a filthy rumor monger, listen not to what he says!
  13. Copperhead Squad Raid


    It is worth noting that is NOT the tanking pattern I use though the same theory applies
  14. The Almighty Super King Frog

    Ser maybe you can sacrifice some of your bags by opening them in his presence!
  15. Copperhead Squad Raid


    So tallying up the amount of wipes (that I could tell from my stream VOD because my PoV is shit and twitch hates my music choices) Missed Greens: 1 Dead Mid-Air: 3 Bomb Mishaps: 4 Someone Dies to Soul Split: 4 Someone Dies to Some Miscellaneous Dumb Mechanic: 5 Reaper Dies to an Enforcer From a Missed Big Orb: 1