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Website theme updated (January 2018)

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Hello Cobras!

For the past few weeks, we've been upgrading the theme for the site which had fallen out of date, causing several graphical annoyances throughout the site. Perhaps you noticed strange floating menu bars, missing "Like" buttons, and other bugs.

Those issues are now resolved with the updated theme: "Chameleon Dark"

While efforts were made to retain our customization of the old Chameleon theme, we may have missed a few things. Notably, the complete set of snake backgrounds were omitted due to time constraints. If you had a favorite background that is now missing, we can look into adding it back. In fact, if there is anything you see out of place or annoying, take a screenshot and post it in this thread. We'll try to work down any issues you find.

In the meantime, if you are completely fed up with the upgraded theme, you may manually revert back to the old one ("Chameleon old"), at the risk of experiencing broken site features again. The theme has always been controlled through a drop-down at the very bottom of the site, lower-left corner. See image below.

Thanks for your attention.


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