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  1. Copperhead Squad Raid


    Today unfortunately the graphics card in my pc is very dead. Will not even post when it is installed. A replacement card is on the way but probably won't arrive before Friday. I don't believe my integrated GPU is powerful enough to drive any moderately demanding game so I'll be missing this week unless I can figure something out. If I do I'll update this thread. Well I suppose it's time to play Atelier Lydie & Suelle aka game of the year 2018 bye
  2. Copperhead Squad Raid


    My internet has just died. I don't know when service will be restored so I might be late or unable to show up at all.
  3. Copperhead Squad Raid


    I vote for wing 1 so we can all get ghostly infusions.
  4. Copperhead Squad Raid


    We should try pyro's strat of stacking eles at the throne I think.
  5. Condi Mirage

    That's the build. Thanks for posting these, the trait setup is a bit different from the one I was using.
  6. Balance gymnastics: November 2017 edition

    I think the warrior ps changes are very misguided and don't actually accomplish what anet is intending. All they've done is indirectly nerfed ps warrior damage, so I don't really get it? Before you could take whatever dps runes on ps warrior but now you will need boon duration instead so strength runes, sigils, and food will be required. I can't see anything different from pre-patch except now ps warrior damage will be lower due to new runes and sigils. If they really wanted to change things why didn't they adjust empower allies instead? Warriors ability to stack might was never the problem...
  7. Quickness Firebrand

    I think this is worth exploring. Trying to get both condi duration and boon duration is kind of brutal... Specifically for sabetha I favor using tome of courage 5 and/or stand your ground for stability instead of blinding mobs with sword.
  8. I agree, this is basically what I run on warrior too. Full vipers with runes of the berserker, malice + geomancy sigils. When I'm ps all I do is swap to an extra sword and longbow with strength + geomancy sigils and use dumplings.
  9. Ser's Pick: ReBoot (the computer animated TV show)

    oh my god i remember this show! thanks for posting this, ser!
  10. Boomslang Raids


    Agreed on challenge motes. If there is interest outside of normal raid times, I'm willing to do them up to ~2 hours every night until they're complete.
  11. Boomslang Raids


    Might be a tad late, also might be on time tonight. If I am not there at 8:00PM, replace me!