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  1. https://ibb.co/hEabc8
  2. So I was joking in discord with this PUG group that I had a necro healer build. And I kid you not, the comm said to give a try. So one thing leads to another and we beat Deimos first try. I off-healed the tank while oil kiting with reaper in Zealot gear, while still doing above-druid DPS! I'm baffled this even worked. Healing was not even an issue while the rest of the group was away, it just worked! Now, I'm not a professional healer and I don't know if Deimos deals that much of damage, but still.
  3. Copperhead Squad Raid


    Can be there around 8:20 if needed
  4. Copperhead Squad Raid


    Can be there at 8:45 if needed
  5. Glorious Victory!

    Stonemist Castle was ours! https://imgur.com/a/XqPYi