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Shattered Observatory CM

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Since a number of people have expressed interest in joining me in my endeavor to do more fractal challenge modes more often since they're just that fun (personal opinion I know) and there are quite a few people who are looking to learn this CM I figured I'd leave this video up here for people to see a more "realistic" run than watching one of qT's crazy blow everything up in 2 seconds nonsense.  Also a bit of a humble brag but since I'm actually in the video it also helps with specific questions and what not.



Edit: I found (stole) this and though of Mold's love for charts, it is the patterns for the disapearing floor part of the Arkk Fight



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I need to start doing this CM, it does not feel a lot more difficult than normal, just some things are different. Now I only have to convince pugs to do it right xD

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4 hours ago, Mr.Pyropuffin said:

Oh gods I forgot I posted this, that video is so embarassing -.-

Shows your love for necros and their cool DPS.

4 hours ago, Naxia said:

What time(s) do you typically do Daily Fractals?

I pug em so I really don't have any predefined time for it. I do em when I'm free. I was thinking on putting up on LFG a party announcement to find 1st timers but experienced ppl in raids and fractals, asking for leg armor, LI and such to avoid that any scrub will join, but I know it will eventually happen xD

But idk if I want to deal with ppl and fry my brain to em. I mean, I've been reading guides and watching videos, it doesn't feel that hard if done right, now I have to make ppl do the same research.

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