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  1. Carmen the Chair Thief

    And Jojo got groomed today. He's a handsome boy again.
  2. Carmen the Chair Thief

    Carmen doesn't sweat things like bad pulls or accidental aggro.
  3. Guild Pickup Raid


    Maybe Kintari will share his with you.
  4. Guild Pickup Raid


    We're birthday almost-twinsies!
  5. Guild Pickup Raid


    Tis my birthday, & I dunno what we'll be doing that night. But if we're around, I'll come.
  6. Name Kintari's Cat!

    That's a gorgeous kitty, btw.
  7. Name Kintari's Cat!

    Even so, I'mma cast my vote for naming him Matthias.
  8. Mamba Raids


    Unfortunately, I need to withdraw this weekend. Work has kicked my ass (and I work again tomorrow) to the point that I'm too tired to properly focus. See you guys at the usual time next Friday.
  9. BN/WN Bingo

    Congratulations to the winners! That was a fantastic contest.
  10. BN / WN

    So I found the screenie I was looking for. Behold -
  11. Mamba Raid


    I'd rock that.
  12. Mamba Raid


    Depending on how many we get, would anyone be open to taking a few shots at Sloth?
  13. maddie-couch.jpg