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About this blog

Hi everyone!
As most of you know, I consume a lot of fan made GW2 content. We can be honest here-it's and obsession of mine, and I probably need professional help. Anyways, it occurred to me to start a blog where I could post the most interesting stuff I find in case anyone is interested and doesn't have time to look through everything themselves (aka they have a life). It also gives me a place to share gems like "How not to be a raid douchebag" without cluttering up our forums. I assume someone had to be talked down from asking me not to post crap like that (I'm guessing Bone or Ser).

That said: Welcome to Maia's GW2 Memo!

Entries in this blog


New Fractal Guide

Hi all,

I know this is a little late, but if you haven't seen it yet Derior has a guide up for the Twilight Oasis Fractal. (Thanks to Pyro and his friends I will now always think of it as toilet oasis. Now you will too.) This one is still at the pug killer stage as far as I'm concerned. even though I've done it several times, I still learned a lot from the video. I promise to use my smoke scale much more liberally in the future :) Enjoy!




I am not a naturally talented gamer. I am not able to pick up a new class and immediately achieve decent dps. (Actually, I suspect this isn't a thing for anyone. Even the gamers who do the crazy benchmarks probably practice more than we think.) I have practiced on the golem on every class you have ever seen me play in a raid (yes, even  healing druid). I played violin from 4th grade until college, so practice is not a new thing for me. However, I realize not everyone had the benefit of parent-mandated musical competence, so I thought I'd write a post about how picking up a new class usually goes for me. If nothing else, hopefully it's good for a laugh.

Step 1. Set up

Typically, the first thing I do is go to https://snowcrows.com and make sure my gear, traits, food and utilities are exactly the same as what they have (except the infusions. You can subtract 2-3% from their numbers to account for those). Yes, you can practice the rotation with suboptimal stuff, but it's difficult to tell how close you are to your goal. It's fine to start, but eventually you've got to go all the way. I'd only recommend it if the build uses a very expensive food you don't want to use tons of or it's a gear issue that you're working on but aren't quite there yet.

Step 2. Golem time

Before I start banging on the golem, I look at both the written and video golem rotation. If I need to, I'll have the written rotation sitting next to me. Another thing to do is to make sure you've got the golem and yourself set up right. Make sure you have the right buffs  on yourself and debuffs on the golem. Snowcrows outlines that in detail here: https://snowcrows.com/benchmarks/ (scroll allll the way to the bottom.)

The first tries are invariably a shit show. Sometimes I forget the 5th skill and have to start over, I accidentally cancel skills, things feel off, the timings are weird.

It's not unusual for my starting dps to be 60-70% of benchmark. The nicest thing we can say about that is it's trash tier. The important thing is not to give up. This is part of the process. I keep at it. I memorize the skill order by writing it down throughout the day. (Yes, some of the paper in the recycle pile on my desk at work has the million step Dom chrono rotation on it.)  I watch the golem rotation videos at reduced play speed. I record myself and analyze it as if it was someone else. I kill a few golems doing the rotation at slow speed and then try to speed up. I've never asked someone else to watch me and give me tips because I'm a little shy, but that's an option too. DO NOT underestimate the power of perfecting the opening burst. 

I practice regularly for 15-30 minutes at a time until I reach my goal: 90% of benchmark. I keep a written record of my dps at each practice session, which allows me to see if I'm making progress. It also gives me a place to write things like "realized I was doing the rotation wrong. It's 3 then 4, not 4 than 3!" The amount of time it takes to reach my goal dps varies. I got to 90% on holosmith in a few days of 15-30 minutes a day. I've been working on Weaver since it was introduced, and I am still trash.

Step 3: Golem success, now get out there and raid!

After I hit my 90% goal, I take the show on the road. I recommend watching a "pro" do the boss on your class before and after you try it. I typically start with something easy like Wing 1. I'm pretty much always back to "shit show" the first few pulls. There are so many more things to think about in a raid compared to in the golem room. I have to figure out what to do when I have to deal with mechanics and my rotation gets messed up. However, with the solid foundation of knowing my rotation pretty well, I typically see improvement every pull. It starts to feel good. 

Step 4: Polishing raid performance

This is the step where I record myself and watch myself play. Usually by this point I've watched other people play the class on a particular boss. Between that and rotation practice, I can typically figure out what I can do to improve. I also look at GW2 Raidar and see how I compare to other players, what mechanics I'm failing, etc. Here's a quick story about the type of thing I'm looking for. Yesterday I pugged Deimos on my holo (I've only played Holo for 1 month, so I'm still polishing). There was another Holo in the group and during the first 90% of the fight I was kicking his ass dps-wise. However when I looked at the last 10% he was kicking my ass! WTF?!? Further investigation revealed that in the final phase I'm so timid about the blacks, I'm not close enough to hit the boss with many of my high powered skills (or maybe it's a hold over from playing too much Druid?). At this point, my plan is to try to find a video of a "pro" holo doing the fight and see if I can pick up any tips, and secondly, try to pay more attention to positioning. 

Step 5: Maintenance 

To keep up your proficiency you must keep playing the class. If you can't raid with it, go back to the golem. (I'd suggest hitting the golem once in a while even if you do raid with it. I find that I sometimes develop bad habits that need to be fixed.) Get it geared for fractals. At last resort, play it in open world content.


The end

That is pretty much all I can think of on this topic. (At this point, most of you are probably like "Yes, plz staph!") If I can do it, you can too. The only other thing I would say is, overall, it's worth it. Yes, practice is time consuming. However, that time is "earned back" as the game becomes more enjoyable to play on your new class. Also, the better you are, the more efficiently you can accomplish in game goals, meaning you can get more out of your precious gaming time.



  1. Get proper gear, food, traits, utilities from Snowcrows website. Read written rotation and watch video.
  2. Set up golem with proper conditions and yourself with proper buffs.
  3. Practice until you reach goal dps. I suggest 85-90% of benchmark. Don't give up.
  4. Raid with new character. Evaluate your performance and figure out where you can improve.
  5. Enjoy your new class :)

Mawdrey III

Dear Prides at Deimos CM:

Because I'm going to take a stab at kiting blacks on Monday, we'll be seeing a lot more of each other. So, I'd like to introduce you to my new pet: Mawdrey III



Did I mention he does a 9 second immobilize? Silly me...


I'd rather be playing GW2

I hate to drag my normally interesting and funny GW2 blog down with stories from my real life, but I have to get this one off my chest. As some of you probably know, IRL I'm a manager and part of managing people is hiring people. More often than not, hiring is a shit show and it's not very much fun. In fact, it's probably one of my least favorite parts of my job. 

Today, I was screening resumes and came across a candidate who submitted a cover letter ... in Latin.

I assume he thought my reaction as a hiring manager would be "Wow! What a smart guy! I definitely want him on my team!"

What I actually thought was "Wow! What an arrogant douche bag! I have enough crap to deal with without having someone overly impressed with his own cleverness on my team!"

At least this candidate made my job easier. I guess I should thank him for that.


Reddit makes me laugh

Another memorable set of comments from a Reddit thread where people are talking about being able to see Rata Sum from Dragon Stand. (Yes, some people are just noticing that. I assume they are new to the game or have challenged themselves to win the game only playing with their eyes closed.)


Don't the asura have any artillery they could've nuked mordy with?



Most likely, let me go ask.

Krewe Leader Plot says no.



i'm afraid that's not even the largest plot hole in HoT


Hi everyone! Thanks again for your help upgrading the guild hall! We're doing awesome and, because of everyone's generous donations, we are only limited by aetherium.

Guildies have been donating using one of three methods: depositing in the treasury, depositing in the guild bank, and direct mailing me mats/gold. No one has accused me of embezzling yet, but I though I'd clarify how I'm using everything. I like transparency, don't you?

When we finish an upgrade and start working on the next, I post in the MOTD any materials we need that have not been deposited in the treasury or guild bank. I move any materials deposited in the guild bank that are intended for upgrading the hall right away. I then wait until we have enough aetherium for the upgrade. If no one has donated the needed materials into the treasury by that time, I use the gold people have mailed me to buy or make the needed materials. This is common with stuff that doesn't drop (like superior runes of holding) or stuff that only scribes can make (paper mostly). 

I'm not going to name names, but I want the gold donators to know that they shouldn't feel like we will be held up if they don't donate materials too. I like to give other guild members who don't want to donate  gold but have mats they don't mind donating a chance to do so. The gold donations are our "fall back plan." Of course if you want to donate more, I won't stop you ;)

That's pretty much all I have to say. Feel free to leave any questions below. I hope everyone is happy with our progress.

Oh yeah, one more thing! We finally have all of the stat boosting claiming auras unlocked, so feel free to claim stuff in WvW without worrying about other guilds having "better" buffs. The only one we don't have now is magic find which won't make a difference for defense or offense.


See you in the Mists!


Returning to WvW

Since the WvW rewards update, I've returned to playing WvW a good amount of time per week. It is undeniable that my server Tarnished Coast is struggling right now. The server that I remember from 2 years ago that was full of commanders, guilds, and militia in almost all of the time zones (frequently queueing multiple maps) is gone, and TC is a very different place today. Luckily, I'm also a very different player than I was 2 years ago, and the combination of the two has allowed me to find new ways to enjoy WvW.


In my previous WvW life, I was a zergling. I ran the build that I was told, I fulfilled the role I was assigned, and I stuck to the commander like white on rice. That was fun and it is one way you can play WvW (I still do this for around half of my WvW time). However, this time around, I'm getting a lot of satisfaction out of sentrying, defending, and havocing. 


A perfect example is yesterday afternoon. I zoned into TCBL and a commander and small group (not really Zerg size) was running around capping stuff. I joined them just as they took Hills, and I decided to make it my new home. I told the commander my intention (as a side note a sentry/defender who is in TS with a commander is worth at least 5 who aren't) and he told me "I haven't bothered to siege or defend Hills this afternoon because they keep flipping it." I said to him, "I understand, but that stops now." Over the next 2.5 hours I proceeded to siege the entire Keep, add useful improvement and tactics, and defend from enemy attacks. I'm especially proud of one of my counter attacks that slowed the enemy long enough allow reinforcements, including the commander and our Zerg, to arrive, saving Hills from certain disaster. Turns out one door trebuchet at an outer gate is worth at least 3 arrowcarts, especially when the enemy commander is too stupid to keep his Zerg away from your supply draining putrid cows. (For those who are interested we still own Hills and it's been 17 hours since I was there.) Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that if I make a tower or keep my new "home" help starts to materialize. As Hills started to upgrade, I got visits from roamers who captured the camps that send supplies to Hills, escorted yaks, and helped me refresh the boatload of siege weapons I had build for Hills's defense. 


Yes, when TC was strong I would never have taken on this role, mostly because it was already being done by others. However the new state of affairs has given me incentive to learn how to siege and defend towers and keeps, how to efficiently capture camps by myself or with just a few other people, how to keep myself alive when a thief tries to gank me (when will thieves learn that not all eles are squishy?!?!), and more. I really feel like my personal actions contribute to our score (a keep or even a tower saved from the enemy contributes a significant amount of points to the skirmish score). Yes, my former WvW commanders have contacted me and asked me if I'd like to transfer. Some have even offered to pay my transfer fee. But I'm torn. Server loyalty is a relic now with server linking and the large changes many servers including TC have undergone, and it would be nice to be on a "winning" server for those extra pips. On the other hand, I'm learning a ton and it feels like I'm making an actual impact. It's the classic struggle of intrinsic vs. extrinsic rewards, and I'm not sure whats going to win in the end.


See you in the Mists!


PS I'm going to get together the resources I've been using to learn about WvW life outside of the Zerg. I'll hopefully post them in the next entry.


As most of you are aware, I have taken on the project of leading the charge to further upgrade our guild hall, starting with the War Room. Even though we might decide to get all of the upgrades in the end, I'm trying to prioritize the order we get them in a way that would benefit our current WvW players. 

In my mind the upgrades fall into two categories: useful and not useful. Useful is further subdivided into three categories: useful for everyone who can claim objectives ( anyone in NPC can do that as long as you are higher than a Green Mamba), useful to leveling scribes, and useful to leveled scribes [i.e., improvements and tactics that scribes could craft that are actually useful in WvW.])


As of right now, this is my priority list (please feel free to leave a comment if you would like to suggest a change):

Invulnerable fortifications (for scribe leveling, also a useful tactic)

Hardened gates (next few are useful when made by scribes for defending camps and towers when sentrying or havocing)

Speedy dolyaks

Iron guards

Guild claiming: Stonemist castle (No, I don't think any of us are going to need to claim Stonemist anytime soon. However, this upgrade is a prerequisite for some other important upgrades.)

Objective aura 7 vitality (Yeah! This will be a major milestone that provides all the important aura stat boosts when NPC claims something. If someone complains that they need the extra 20% magic find from the last aura to properly defend something, tell them to stfu.)

Emergency wp (for scribe leveling, also a useful tactic)

Watchtower (for scribe leveling, also a useful tactic)

Chilling fog (useful tactic)

Guild ballista

Guild catapult

Guild trebuchet

Guild flame ram 

Guild siege golem

Presence of the Keep (extremely useful improvement but can only be placed on keeps, hence the name)

Dragon banner (useful banner, but banners got nerfed so hard they are not an important part of fights anymore. Nevertheless, they are fun to use and towers and keeps have a tactivator that can only be filled with a banner.)

Assault roller (fun but it's either underused or useless. Seems like invulnerable dolyaks is a better tactic for a camp)

Turtle banner (seems like people prefer centaur and dragon over this one)

Hardened siege (useless in my opinion because the first thing people do is take down the cannons, mortars and oils and this doesn't do much to stop them. Plus, the other option for this slot is iron guards which gives the lord more health and armor so it's arguably better.)

Sabotage depot (minimal usefulness in my mind. Has some niche applications.)

Armored dolyaks (useless because speedy is better)

Packed dolyaks (I've seen people use this but I still think speedy is better)

Guild shield generator (this one is an outrageous amount of aetherium)

Objective aura 8 magic find

Airship defense (only useable at Stonemist)

Cloaking waters (pretty useless, only useable at Stonemist)

Turret gates (useless. In fact this is worse than useless-it's actually detrimental because it takes away the upgrade slot you could use for Presence of the Keep which is actually good. Please don't put this anywhere if you like your server.)


We've made so much progress in the last weeks I'm really proud of us. I know the road ahead looks pretty intimidating, but this is a long term goal to be completed when people have extra mats they don't mind donating to the cause. Also, we still have access to the improvements and tactics that scribes make without unlocking them in the War Room. Anyone who has permission to spend claimable upgrades can use the ones deposited in our guild war chest. The majority of the ones in there right now come from choosing the Improvement and Tactic pack from Skirmish chests. This gives you a random tactic or improvement. Almost all of them are worth more than a gold, so it's actually one of the best options to choose from the skirmish chest-if you are going to use them for the benefit of your server and you don't need any of the other options.


Thanks to everyone for all of your generous donations so far. Special shout out to Mold, Fred, Ser, Bone, Pyro, and Khani for their help! (I hope I didn't leave anyone out, I'm writing this at work so I can't look at who donated. I'm super sorry if I didn't mention you!).


See you in the Mists! (Unless you're Oddgo. I suggest you avoid his "hugs" at all costs.)



Good enough

I'm a lazy GW2 wealth accumulator. What do I mean by that?

1. I hate losing gold. I'll sit on investments for years if selling means I'll lose money. (Some day Winters day rifle, some day) Could I be using that money to invest elsewhere and make more gold? Probably.

2. This is a game. I already have a job. Therefore, anything that requires hours at the TP, spreadsheets, or intense market watching is out.

3. I like buying things that I want to own. Stacks of cheap ectos and gems pre AB multi loot nerf? Yes! Cool looking dyes that have temporarily returned to the gem store (I'm looking at you Winter Chimes dye kit). Sign me up. The only trouble here is you eventually have to decide whether to sell or keep and that can get dicey for a known hoarder like myself.

What has that gotten me? I recently checked my account value ranking on GW2 efficiency, and I'm a little better than average for my play time. Overall, I'm in the top 10% of players.

Now, depending on your life outlook, you might think: "Ehh. Not impressed. I can stop reading right here."

That's fine. At first I was kinda disappointed myself. But then I thought about it again and realized a little better than average is not a bad place to be. 

Here's the list of things in game that make me smile:

1. My legendaries (Bolt, Bifrost, Sunrise, Howler) and legendary armor

2. Permanent black lion merchant contract

3. Shared inventory slots

4. Almost complete home instance (The price of those new nodes is ridiculous! Come to think of it the price of some of the old ones are ridiculous since the BL chest changes.)

5. Lion's Arch portal scroll (I use it all the time. My husband still doesn't understand why I like it so much: "You know you can just waypoint, right?")

6. Fused weapon skins sitting in my bank. I saved up tickets for years (literally years) waiting for them to come back.

Most important: I'm happy. 

I spend my time in game doing what makes me happy, and I have the resources to do that. I don't stress if I don't spend all of my time in the most "gold efficient" content. What more do you want from a game?

No matter how trite, I guess Sheryl Crow was right (YouTube if you don't know who that is-sheesh): "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got."


If anyone has some actually useful tips (unlike this blog entry) on how to make gold in game, I'd love to hear them in the comments!


So Nike just posted a new video about the importance of the meta, blah, blah, blah. Not that I don't agree with him, but as I was watching his video I found something way more interesting than his argument.

Does anyone else see something interesting around 11:44 in the Deimos fight?

TL;DW: Nike takes the final green circle teleport by himself and appears to kite Saul's final alter ego around while everyone else focuses on killing Deimos on the other platform. What do you think? Legit strat or cheese?



TIL: Auric basin

Today I was in Auric Basin, minding my own business trying to turn in rare weapons for provisioners tokens. The map was on the phase when the chests are revealed under the city, and I hadn't done the meta. I didn't really care because I was just there for the tokens, but I noticed that one of the LFGs that I used said "come get your exalted chests." I thought to myself, "Really? I can just zone into the map, not do the meta, and go in there and loot the chests?" Turns out, yes, you can. You even get the Auric basin hero's choice chest from the first one you open. 

Does that seem wrong to anyone else?



(Side rant: I don't even have words to express how annoying it is when the provisioners token NPC isn't  available at North and South Watch. Aren't provisioners tokens bad enough without the NPC being unavailable half of the time?!? And No, this doesn't encourage me to do the events. It encourages me to map hop using LFG.)



Advice I Appreciate

I appreciate it when our meta overlords make an accessible, easy to understand video. Recently, Nike posted a video that actually explains the build in detail. I found his slow motion explanation of the rotation especially useful. Hopefully, this will start a new trend.



To "Dye" For

I wanted to put this out there as a PSA for those of you who don't know yet. The new guaranteed item in the Black Lion chests is the Zaishen War Paint Kit. This kit contains 2-5 unidentified dyes. It's basically crashing the dye market. However it does mean you can pick up some pricey dies for relatively cheap. 
Here are some examples:
Abyss   Last week (sell/buy): 23.75/19.19  This week: 13.18/10.5
Celestial       Last week 60.92/48.01  This week: 32.96/25.2

I wouldn't be surprised if the prices went down even further because the chests just changed and they usually keep the same contents for 6-8 weeks. 
If you have extra gold sitting around you could fill out your unlocked dyes, which is awesome for those guaranteed wardrobe unlocks (you don't want to end up with a 20 silver dye from one of those if you can avoid it). You could even invest in the dye market. I'd caution you it would be a loooong term investment though because no doubts tons of people are doing exactly that.

Good luck, have fun, and don't spend all your gold!


Brief Hiatus

Hi all, 
You may have noticed already, but I'm taking a brief break from posting here and on YouTube.  I've been busy and exhausted from some real life stuff (long term health issues suck), and I'm going on vacation next week. Hopefully, I'll feel up to posting more when I get back. It's been a lot of fun for me, and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my random musings and watch my poorly edited videos. 

Thanks for reading and watching!


I'm so hyped over our victory last night!

I want to thank everyone for their tenacity and creativity in putting together our winning strat.  

As most of you know, I've been lusting after the Eye of Janthir mini for a while now, and here it is:



I've also uploaded my PoV to Youtube if anyone wants to relive our victory from another angle:


On to Samarog!


Up until very recently I did not do SAB. For 3 years I had decided it was too intimidating and difficult. I'm not very good at jumping puzzles, so I thought would probably be bad at SAB too. However, this year before release I had the same attitude change that I had with raids and fractals several months ago. I decided I was going to do it, and not just a little bit- all of it including tribulation mode and getting an infusion. I'm not sure whether this all or nothing attitude is admirable or pathological, but it's how I work.

From this experience I present:

Tenish things I've learned from SAB
1. Sometimes suicide is your best option.
2. Don't trust anything no matter how pleasant or cute-looking it is.
3. Dodge jump is a powerful tool, but it should be used with care.
4. 16 seems like a small number at first but it gets bigger and bigger the closer you get.
5. Celebrate every checkpoint.
6. There are millions of ways to fail and only a few ways to succeed. Don't get frustrated if you find a new way to fail each run, blame math.
7. It's okay to laugh each time you select the option "Yes, I'm really into that. Don't judge me."
8. You cannot unlearn tribulation mode. Even in normal mode you will avoid flowers even if you know they won't hurt you. Just accept it.

It's going to take a good amount of will power to pull myself away to raid. If anyone is in the same place I was: not ready to try SAB for the first time on their own, contact me in game and we can get a party together. :D

YouTube Roundup Week of March 26
This was a sad week YouTube wise. Monday I had technical issues that prevented me from recording. I did get our  Xera and Deimos kills from Boomslang's Wednesday raid. SAB had its claws in me by Friday, so I wasn't in on Pick up Snakes but the squad looked great on Kintari's stream.

As a side note, I learned people like watching other people open Black Lion Chests. My video of opening 14 measly chests is my most watched video. xD It's either that or watching mediocre Druid gameplay is boring. I'm hoping it's the former.


I used to do "key runs" semi regularly before the nerf limited them to once a week and the Black Lion Chests were redesigned. Recently (a couple of months ago), I decided to give them another try. 

My new key farming strategy is this:
1. Collect as many keys as possible through personal story-aka key runs (there are a couple other methods too).
2. Optimize your wardrobe for the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlocks (you probably only have to do this once)
3. Open your chests. I've decided to do this on the first day the chest rewards change.

I'm happy to report the first cycle of my plan ended yesterday in success. I had 14 keys collected. The new once a week key farm is way more relaxed and feels like less of a chore. Of course, it's a experiment in extreme delayed gratification, but I did enjoy watching my collection of keys grow over the weeks.

Here's what I got from my orgy of chest opening:

I made my husband do this with me (that n = 2 experiment) and he got two elemental swords. Overall, I concluded that it's definitely possible to get all trash, but you will most likely get at least one uncommon or rare reward (it might even be something you want). I'll be starting the cycle again next week.

I plan on doing some blog posts and a video about my key run strategies and wardrobe optimization as a refresher for interested vets and to help newer players who haven't had the time to think about this stuff yet.

Stay tuned!






SPOILER ALERT: Let me know in game if anyone wants to come visit my jackpot. My home instance is now missing only two nodes :)


Hi Everyone,

Here's a round up of the videos posted on my YouTube Channel this week. I've made playlists by night if you want to watch all the kills from a specific night. Well, all the kills I have videos for. I need to work on my consistency as far as pressing "record" goes...

Monday Night Boomslang (3/20/21017): Cairn, Mursaat Overseer, Slothasor, Bandit Trio


Wednesday Night Boomslang (3/22/2017): Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Sabetha


Friday Night Pick-up Snakes (3/24/2017): Matthias,  Cairn, Mursaat Overseer, Samarog


I also wanted to share my new credits for each of the raid squads.




and for Pick up Snakes:



My New YouTube Channel

Hi everyone!
I'm happy to say I've decided to start my own channel on YouTube. The good news for you guys (NPC) is....you get to star in the videos with me (haha).

Getting right to it, the channel is named "Maia's Memo" (yes, that's why I changed the name of my blog) and you can find it here:


I've posted a few videos already of our kills from Monday night's Boomslang raid.

I also wanted to let everyone know I'm always open to:
1. Comments: Just keep them kind.
2. Concerns: If something I've posted bothers you please let me know so I can do something about it. The videos do not have our voices in them. I believe they are no less private than Kintari's stream. 
3. Suggestions: I'm, of course, open to feed back and ideas of what you'd like to see. Just keep in mind I'm an amateur (actually, the term amateur is a little generous) video editor and graphics maker (I couldn't even type the term "graphic designer" without laughing).

Honestly, I haven't developed much of a vision for this yet. Right now I'm enjoying the process and learning a lot. Needless to say this is a work in progress! 

If you have any comments, concerns, suggestions or questions please feel free to post them here on my blog or on the channel.
Thanks in advance for your support!


I'm either exceedingly cheap or old fashioned (or masochistic), but I hate purchasing things off the trading post that I can make or harvest myself. Recent case in point: pristine toxic spore samples. Those babies are 18 silver EACH! Now that wouldn't be a problem  for me if you didn't need 10 of them to make the raid meta utility consumable for power and condi dps classes. 
Why are they so expensive? Oh I don't know, probably because you can only get them on a low level map no one goes to for any other reason. Not to mention they are scattered around that map so you can't efficiently run between nodes, and you have to harvest several nodes that give junk before you finally get a single pristine toxic spore.(If you're outrageously lucky you may get 5, but don't hold your breath. We wouldn't want you to die.) 
This sort of thing leads to some interesting player behavior. I recently read on Reddit (and saw this at every node when I was harvesting myself) players are standing at the nodes while semi-afking for hours in order to harvest them easily and make money. Turns out they re spawn every approximately 10 minutes so maybe it's not too bad, but it's not what I'd call "engaging game play" either.
I've gone back to my old standby: bring out the alts in full force. I used to do this for lemongrass when I was the chef in my old WvW guild. Simply park all of your less used alts in the map (don't forget to pile on the gathering boosts first-guild hall and boosters) and log in every once in a while and harvest with everyone. 
Sounds reasonable, until I calculated I have enough gold to purchase enough of these to raid 9 hours per week for 10 years. That's assuming I actually play a class that needs these all the time--and I don't. Most people would stop doing it now that they know that. It won't stop me.


Here's my feeble attempt to crash the market. If you're interested, this is a map of toxic seedling  spawns:kessexmap.jpg



You know you need to leave a fractal pug when you catch yourself thinking:

"That bloodstone shield is really nice. ... Wait a second, is that a DRAGONHUNTER using sword/shield? I haven't seen a single trap this whole run!"

Part of me wishes I recorded that fiasco, but I can summarize it for you: fractal pug with minimal  dps limps through T4 fractals. Condi ranger rage quits when dps is too low to kill molten berserker.

You can probably guess who the condi ranger was :S



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